WWE SmackDown versus. Raw 2008 will allow the players to turn to the Superstars of the WWE of today into the legend the morning. The first tax exemption of wrestling of the world offers more depth and strategy next to characteristic new outstanding, annual improvements nails and incredible graphs, at the same time as it will make his debut in three platforms. The hour has arrived to live the life on a Superstar. How you are going to play? Styles of fight of Superstar: With eight styles of fight of Superstar where to choose, to play WWE SmackDown versus. Raw 2008 never will be the same. Each style of fight has its own strategy with exclusive movements, abilities, attributes and more. Fight with your own hands and feels the power of the Superstars. System of Submission of Fight: The new System of Submission of Fight offers to the players natural a more intuitive control and on its superstars of WWE using the analogical control. The realism and the strategy are in first plane, while the players can control the amount of pressure who apply. It is present at ECW: The life of a Superstar of WWE is not always so pretty. ECW WWE SmackDown versus. Raw 2008 invades with a variety of Superstars, sands and arms. Way WWE 24/7: Combining the popular Way Season and the Way Chief of a main directorate of the previous SmackDown games versus. Raw, Way 24/7 includes the intensity of the style of life of a Superstar. Multiple options of development of personages, statistics of scores and objectives of race will guide the players towards the final feat to become a legend To give fans what they want: WWE SmackDown versus. Raw 2008 offers numerous updates, that include new lists of fighters, more points of interaction of the scene, better action outside Ring, more support to the community online and much more! For the first time, completely in Castilian! To enjoy WWE SmackDown versus. Raw will be now easier that never, since for the first time in the history of the tax exemption, totally it will be translated the Castilian. The good news for fans of the Wrestling.

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