With football games flooding the UK video game chart at the moment, anyone would think the country has gone football mad. Of course, it has, despite the England team performing about as poorly as everyone had feared, and looking about as likely to win the World Cup as Peter Crouch being told he’s too short to go on a ride at Alton Towers. We’ve had the official World Cup game from EA, Sensible Soccer has made a comeback, PES 5 went budget, and now PSP owners have World Tour Soccer 2 to throw into the mix. Rather amazingly, this is the eighth football game to be released on the PSP – a system that hasn’t even been available in the UK for a full year. Is it one beautiful game too many?

Rather than simply offering more of the same, but with a different title, World Tour Soccer tried to tailor the experience to the PSP. Instead of making games a matter of who scores the most goals, a challenge element was introduced, awarding players for successful passes, tackles and goals, while penalising players for awry tackles and goals conceded. It essentially made the time leading up to a goal just as important as the goal itself. World Tour Soccer 2 builds on this, offering plenty more challenge-based gameplay and a few new additions.

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