World Snooker Challenge gives you two options: admit you’re rubbish at snooker, or fail miserably in your attempts to prove otherwise.

Use the “aiming aid”, and a line of arrows shows you the direction the ball will go when it’s struck. With this on your side, all that’s required is a bit of fine-tuning and a bit of thought about where to position the cue ball afterward. You can rotate the PSP in your hands to check the line, or cheat even more by using some manner of square edge to rule the trajectory, and intuition should give you a good idea of the length to go with the line. Snooker’s similar to maths in some senses, particularly the bits about solving angular riddles – and particularly in the sense that people with weak maths skills often find it surprising and entertaining when they do something very clever. WCS’s aiming aid is a bit like doing times-tables with a calculator. It’s a shortcut to being good. And you know what? It’d be more satisfying to get there yourself.

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