PLAY WITH YOUR HEROES: The worlds superstars look and play like their real life counterparts. Player attributes like ball skills and playing style have been uniquely recreated for each player to mirror real life.

WIN THE 2006 FIFA WORLD CUP: Compete as one of 127 teams from qualification right through to a virtual reproduction of the FIFA World Cup Final in Germany.

Play in any of the 12 official stadiums that come to life with the pageantry and festivity of the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

GLOBAL CHALLENGE: Introducing a new mode called Global Challenge that recreates 125 classic moments in FIFA World Cup history with modern teams. Earn rewards to unlock legendary players and classic apparel.

EXCLUSIVE TO PSP: Test your skills against gamers from around the world. Play against friends with multiplayer capability that enables two players to compete online or four players to play via a wireless connection.

DOWNLOAD European (EU) Version of 2006 Fifa World Cup

Download from Hotfile 

Password: pspgamecrazy.com

Remember, You downloaded this PSP CSO games, only from PSP Homebrew downlads

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