Downloading psp homebrew games from your pc to your psp

PSP games and movies are one of the hottest stuff in the gaming industry at the moment. The reason for this popularity is pretty simple : It is one of the t most flexible hand held video game consoles. The small but efficient UMD disc provides the gamers a wonderful way to carry their games and play them on the go along with their movies. This is a simple straight forward guide on how to install a game from the internet in your PSP.

What exact are PSP Homebrew Games ?

They are just customized games developed by game developers. One of the main objective of PSP homebrew Games is to emulate other popular platforms like Megadrive ,Nitendo etc. PSP Homebrew games makes PSP a even more powerful console as homebrew games are abundantly available.

What do you need to download PSP Games to your PSP?

First thing that is required to download PSP games from your PC to your PSP is a big enough memory stick. I would advice you to go with a 1 GB and advice you to format it before you proceed any further. The next thing you need to know is the firmware version of your PSP .It should be 1.5 or less to run homebrew games properly.

It would be also good to know version TA-082 of PSPs Can not be Downgraded! If you do it , it will result in a bricked PSP.

Two Steps to guide on How to download PSP Games from your PC to your PSP

Step 1 : Connect your PSP to your PC via the USB cable you are provided with . It will be detected as a external mass storage device just like a flash drive. Copy the game you have downloaded from the net and place it the correct directory. The correct directory hierarchy will be PSP>GAME ( Careful , Its all caps )

Step 2: Once the transfer is over, disconnect the PSP from your PC . Navigate your self to GAME and then chose the Memory Stick option. Hit ‘X’, and the list of all the games in your memory stick will show up. It there is something going wrong, you might want to recheck your firmware version.

This is a very brief, simple and straight forward guide on how to install games from your pc to the PSP.

Game On !